Measures taken to become a “Covid-19 secure” environment

The following information is based upon a comprehensive Covid-19 transmission risk assessment.

On May 11 2020, the Government updated its guidance for workplaces in England. In relation to healthcare, it has asked private practice healthcare services to resume to help support wider NHS priorities such as musculoskeletal care. The guidance also allows people to leave their home to seek treatment for pain or injury.

Over recent weeks, we have helped people remotely and will continue to do so. However some patients need to be seen in person. So, from Monday the 18th May we will offer face to face appointments in a “Covid-19 secure” environment.

In order to achieve this the following measures will be implemented. These measures are based on the updated government guidance and the PPE advice as provided by the NHS, CSP and HCPC. They will be reviewed regularly.

We will continue to offer and encourage online appointments ongoing, and will adopt a policy of “virtual first”. That means that where the benefit of attendance is outweighed by the risk we will continue to encourage remote consultations.


Appointment Booking

  • Prior to booking patients will be asked the following screening questions.
    • if they have – or have had in the past 7 days – any cold or flu like symptoms. If they answer yes, we cannot offer face to face appointments.
    • Are they classified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable? If yes, they are unable to attend the clinic.
    • Are they classified as Clinically Vulnerable? If yes, they will require an initial remote consultation to determine appropriateness of a face to face consultation.


  • Patients will be asked not to arrive before their appointment time.
  • Patients will be required wear a face covering.
  • Patients will be required to wash or sanitise their hands upon arrival. Hospital grade sanitiser will be provided.
  • Patients will be asked to keep all keys, phones etc in their bag or pockets.
  • In the event a patient arrives early or a clinician is running late, patients will be guided to wait in separate seating areas.


We are establishing different payment procedures with the aim of becoming cashless and avoiding the need to use a credit card machine. Payment platforms including Paypal, Square, and Gocardless will be utilised.

Patients will always have the option of paying by Bank transfer.


Patients will be able to use a paper hand towel to open the door to leave.

Clinical changes


  • Each appointment will be followed by a 10 minute break to enable cleaning and to avoid contact between patients.
  • A maximum of two treatment rooms will be in use at any time, ensuring physical distancing within the clinic


  • Staff cannot attend with ANY cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Staff are encouraged to come to work by walking/cycling or driving. If coming by public transport they must wear a face covering as per guidance.
  • Staff can only be present at the clinic at the time they are scheduled, and not congregate in communal areas.


  • Personal protective gear will be worn by all clinicians in accordance with PHE guidelines.
  • All clinicians are currently required to wear;
    • Type2R surgical face mask.
    • Disposable gloves.
    • Disposable aprons.

Treatment rooms

  • All fabric couch coverings have been removed.
  • All non-cleanable equipment has been removed from treatment rooms.
  • All potential touch points have been identified.
  • All touch points will be cleaned with disinfectant between patients.
    • Examples: Treatment couch, face holes, side of chairs, desks, coat hangers, door handles.

Communal areas

  • Communal areas and associated touch points will be cleaned with disinfectant regularly;
    • Examples: door handles, reception counter, basin tops, chair arms, coffee machine, kettle, fridge door etc.
  • Physical distance guidance shall be observed at all times, with patients guided to separate waiting areas
  • All non-cleanable objects will be removed. Eg magazines, business cards etc.


  • Hand sanitiser will be provided to use upon both entering and leaving the bathroom.

Other considerations

Patient exercises

  • Patients are to be sent exercises via Physiotec. Paper handouts will not be given to patients.


The above list will be under regular review and adapted to PHE, CSP and Government guidance.

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