Physical MOT

What is a Physical MOT

The Physical MOT is a complete assessment of your physical health. In a one hour session, we’ll look at your joints, strength, balance, agility and cardiovascular fitness. Then we’ll tell you which are normal, better than normal or need to improve and give you easy to understand and realistic advice on how to work on problem areas.

Who is the Physical MOT for?

The Physical MOT is available to anyone who wants a detailed, impartial assessment of their physical health and guidance on how to improve problem areas.
It’s particularly important for people 40 and over to take their fitness seriously. It’s around this age that daily wear and tear outstrips the body’s ability to heal – known, more simply, as ageing.

But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t get fitter. You can – as many of our clients prove – be stronger and more flexible when you’re 50 than when you were 30. It may take more work but in return you get to enjoy life more than ever and fortify your body against the challenges of ageing.
On the other hand, if you ignore those niggling issues, they can easily snowball into debilitating conditions.

You start feeling sore, so you avoid activity. Your body weakens, then you fall over. You break something, then have to recover. It hurts to move, so you avoid activity. Your body weakens…

Instead of accepting this cycle as a normal part of getting old, you can gain the strength to keep moving and playing and living to the full, or discover new things that you didn’t even know your body was capable of.

How can I book a Physical MOT?

The Physical MOT costs £130.00 and takes one hour. You can book yours now by calling 0207 937 1628 or emailing

After all the years your body has given you, why not give it something back.

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