Sue S

My daughter arranged for a home physio visit when I was in great pain. Liam McCloskey arrived on time, gave his full attention to taking the history of the pain, realised the probable cause of the problem was cervical radiculopathy and began treatment which helped relieve the pressure in my neck. The two most impressive things were his observation of me during the assessment. I was worried I was being a wimp, but in his feedback he said he had observed how much pain I was in by my movements and unconscious inability to ease the pain. The second was his advice to keep warm and rest when I needed it, as well as showing me some exercises to keep moving safely. This ‘permission to rest’ when I was feeling so dreadful was the balm I didn’t know I needed. Also, the massage and the oil was soothing and effective. I know all this sounds a bit OTT, but I have never been in so much pain (nerve pain) and his professional understanding and care was exactly what I needed. My daughter was also relieved and reassured by the care I received.