Tracy Hofman

Cameron and his team have seen me through those common but crushing injuries which derail the fitness of the “Metro-Athlete”. Ailments have included, ongoing Disc problems, Cervical Spondylosis, Carpel Tunnel and other hand problems, Shoulder Bursitis, and then Shoulder Surgery. Through it all – the team offered fantastic support and always got me through the crises. The most recent issue: a Cheilectomy and Osteotomy on the big toe was a really horrendous time and nothing quite prepared me for the recovery. But Kam and Cam took a breezy, Antipodean attitude to things: “Pain’s good for you, let’s you know you’re alive,” chirped Kam, as I moaned tearfully, 2 months after surgery. “Look, it’s early days,” Said Cam soothingly three months after surgery as I waved a swollen foot at him. Four and a half months after surgery, I had the great pleasure of trying on my four inch “best shoes” and prancing around my dressing room. Given the fact that I only have 50% of the cartilage left in the joint – it is quite miraculous that I can bend my toe enough to fit into glamorous heels. I really wouldn’t have got this far without the skills of such experienced physiotherapists – and I certainly wouldn’t have kept going through the rehabilitation period without the regular chats and progress updates with Rebecca and Aaron. There are many physiotherapist practices in London but there are few places which really offer up rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness. Here’s to you, WLP!