Sports Medicine

Whether you are a gold medallist or a weekend warrior, West London Physiotherapy can help you recover from injury, or optimise your sports performance.

Sports medicine is a comparatively new area of medicine that deals specifically with exercise and sports related pain, injury, or illness; and we are experts in it.

West London Physiotherapy is experienced to deal with the demands of the exercising patient and the problems often encountered. Our sports physiotherapists have been involved in the care of both elite and amateur level athletes and are well equipped to deal with your sports related injury.

We have extensive formal training and expertise in sports medicine and are uniquely positioned to offer the highest possible care and assistance to athletes and physically active people. We regularly treat muscle, ligament, tendon and joint problems and also assist in improving performance and preventing a number of chronic conditions.

90% of sports related injuries don’t require surgery, which is why we have diagnosed and treated thousands of people with sporting injuries. We work as part of a team, and if you require something further – scans, injections, surgery – we can swiftly refer you to one of our colleagues with whom we work closely.

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