Susan, originally from South Africa, has a lifelong passion for sports and exercise. She holds degrees in Human movement, Corrective Exercise Therapy, and Clinical Pilates. She focuses on holistic approaches to injury prevention. Her mission is to enhance her clients’ everyday functional movements, catering to both athletes and office workers alike.

Confronted with a potential hip replacement at 39, Susan turned to Pilates for relief. Through dedicated reformer and mat routines, she not only overcame her pain but also rediscovered the joy of running and walking, thanks to a balanced understanding of body mechanics.

Since her move to the UK in 1999, she has made a significant impact in the health and fitness sector. She skilfully combines corrective exercise with Pilates, guiding people toward a pain-free life. Susan believes in the power of movement as medicine. She expertly devises exercise programs that improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture, according to her clients’ goals and current fitness level. She knows when to push, but also when clients need a little TLC.

Working alongside physiotherapists, doctors, and orthopaedic surgeons, Susan plays a vital role in a network that accelerates client recovery and goal achievement.

In her free time, Susan stays active by walking, cycling, and skiing, living the active ethos she promotes.

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