Tendon Clinic

Our Tendon Clinic recognises the need for a specialist service for tendon injuries and pain. Though we treat people for a wide variety of issues, tendon problems are so common that we realised they need extra attention.

To understand why tendons cause so many issues, first you need to understand how they work.

Tendons are tissues within the body that attach a muscle to a bone, whereas ligaments are the tissues that attach a bone to another bone. The mechanics are simply explained: force generated by a muscle contraction is transmitted through the tendon, which then pulls on the bone and moves the joint. Without tendons, you can’t move.

What will happen at the clinic

At the initial appointment we will make a complete assessment of the health of your tendons. In this session we will not only look at the way your tendons are performing but also at your lifestyle choices and particularly any activities that you are involved in.

Then we’ll tell you which areas are okay and which will need attention. We will give you easy to understand and realistic advice on treatments that will improve performance and reduce pain as well as activity that you can do to improve the health and well being of your tendons.

How can I book an appointment at the Tendon Clinic?

The Tendon Clinic initial appointment costs £120 and takes one hour. You can book yours now by calling 0207 937 1628 or emailing info@westlondonphysio.co.uk

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