Your First Appointment

This is when you get to tell us as much as you can about your problem. How long you’ve had it, how it affects you. We’ll also ask about any past problems, your general health, and any medication you may be taking. Most importantly we’ll ask what you want from us, and how you’d like us to help you. Most people want to have their problem diagnosed, treated the best way possible, and shown ways they can help themselves. Others simply want to be taped up so they can run a marathon!

After listening to you, we will examine the problem area and uncover the cause of your problem. We will look at how things are working and perform tests on your muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints or spine. Our aim is to find the source of your pain.

We then explain to you in normal terms your diagnosis and how we can help; and of course we start treating you!

Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your first appointment;

  1. Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to complete any paperwork, or if you prefer you can download our registration form
  2. We’ll need to see the area that is injured or painful. If it’s a shoulder injury we’ll need to see it! We have clean shorts and t-shirts if you happen to come straight from work, but feel free to bring your own.
  3. Bring any referral letters, scans, or reports you may have.
  4. Bring any equipment that might be influencing your injury. Running shoes if you’re a runner, tennis racquet if you get pain playing tennis.
  5. Payment for treatment is required at the end of each session, although we are able to bill BUPA and AXA PPP directly. See our insurance page for more information.

Start your road to recovery. Get in touch and we can arrange your first session.

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