Shaping up for Summer

Shaping Up for Summer

The long, glorious days of summer give us the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. For a lot of people that means getting back into shape so we can look our best when we hit the beach. If you haven’t done any exercise in a while, however, your body might not be as responsive as you’d hoped it would be.

Muscles are quick to adapt to changes in exercise, but joints and tendons adapt much more slowly. That’s why some people break down when they’re 6-8 weeks into a fitness program. It also explains exercise-related injuries, many of which are the result of sudden increases in activity your body simply isn’t used to.

Take note of any niggles or pains you feel. This is particularly important if you’ve had any injuries in the past, because the last thing you want is to make matters worse. There are two things you can do to improve the situation:

1. Gradually increase your activity levels, making sure you have some rest days during the week. A general rule is no more than 15-20% increases in duration per week.
2. Get injuries or problem areas checked out. Often a simple stretch or strengthening exercise can help you avoid much bigger problems as you increase your activity levels.

For more advice on how to ease yourself into shape for a happy and healthy summer, book an appointment with one of our physio’s.