Why Us?

We’re not a chain. We run on time. We listen and we try to understand.

We assess you, establish the diagnosis and identify the cause of your pain.  Then we explain the problem and how we are going to help you fix it, in a way that we know works, and that you are also happy with – it’s simple but that’s why it works so well.

West London Physiotherapy is a people oriented business, recognising that most patients come via personal recommendation or from your GP or surgeon.

Our reputation is built on good outcomes so that means we are results focussed, going to great lengths to ensure you are happy with our service.

  • Aiming to provide exceptional service

    Our admin team ensure that you are emailed appointment reminders, have accounts or insurance issues dealt with efficiently.

  • Appointments on the same day

    While we are open from 8am-7pm, we can see you outside of these hours if there is an urgent need. We’re also open on Saturday’s, and if you are unable to leave home – following surgery for instance – we can visit you at home to start you on the road to recovery.

  • We’re experienced and love what we do

    Few things are as rewarding as seeing patients return to their normal life, and move freely without pain. We only have physiotherapists with many years of clinical experience who have likely helped someone with your exact problem many times.

  • We communicate.

    Whether to your GP, surgeon, trainer or parents, we communicate closely with referrers, and anyone else you ask us to. We’re also happy for you to contact us at any time. We know how common it is to leave an appointment having forgotten to ask an important question.

Our patients are our biggest advocates

Hundreds of our patients have given feedback over the past 15 years. Here are the results.


Total percent of patients surveyed would recommend a family member or friend to WLP.


Total percent that felt they received a good explanation of their problem and treatment plan.


Total percent of people surveyed said that their initial consultation met their expectations


Total percent of patients could get appointments at convenient times.


Total percent of patients thought our admin team were very helpful.


Total percent of people surveyed thought our website was up to scratch. – This is our new one!


Total percent of patients thought we were easy to find. – We’re not moving, but our instructions are better.

Take a look at our review page here for individual feedback.