Physiotherapy - Diagnosis, Treatment, Plan


1 hour

New Patient Physio - Diagnosis, Treatment, Plan


30 minutes

Follow-up Physiotherapy

Massage Therapy


30 minutes


60 minutes


90 minutes

Shockwave Therapy


30 minutes

Per session

Physical MOT


Comprehensive Assessment and Report

Plus advice and exericses for areas needing improvement

Clinical Director


1 hr

New Patient - Cameron Tudor


30 mins

Follow-up - Cameron Tudor


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Review by: Victoria Aboucaya


29th April 2024

Liam is amazing and so kind. He treated my pain amazingly well and with patience. I will definitely go back if I have pain again and can only recommend him to all. The staff at reception are exceptionally polite also and it's a very nice environment. Thank you everyone.

Review by: Jonathan Rees


18th April 2024

Review by: Katie


12th April 2024

So far my experience has been faultless. Attentive and considered treatment. The facilities are good, the staff are always friendly and helpful. Liam has been great and very professional. All highly recommended.

Review by: Nadine Banna


12th April 2024