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Professional, personal, effective physiotherapy from West London Physiotherapy

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in providing accurate diagnoses and treating a broad range of issues. Whether rehabilitating after surgery, managing a painful problem area or trying to prevent injuries, our experienced team can help you find greater health and wellbeing.

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Physiotherapy treatments refined for you

Physiotherapy has the power to restore the body to its natural state, improving mobility and range of movement. And at West London Physiotherapy, we do more than any other clinic to ensure a positive outcome for you.

Our holistic approach to treatment considers not just problem areas such as back or neck pains, but also the wider issues related to each patient’s condition. As every patient is different we take the time to understand the contributing factors that can cause problems to develop. We recommend treatment courses accordingly, touching on everything from at-home exercises to changes in diet.

If it is your first time at West London Physiotherapy, we will carry out a thorough consultation to assess your needs and help to build your trust in us. Following this assessment, our team will establish a treatment regime to relieve pain, improve function and address any underlying issues.

Perhaps you have recently experienced a traumatic accident, developed strain in a sporting event, or have felt heightened symptoms of a long-term condition. Our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in handling cases like yours, and thanks to over 15 years’ experience, 95% of our patients rate us as ‘excellent’.

How can we help?

If you are suffering from a musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular or respiratory, physiotherapy is both an effective and non-invasive solution.

Through movement, manipulation, exercise and manual therapy, we restore function and remove discomfort. By testing structures such as muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments and tendons, we develop an understanding of how your body functions or why it is struggling to do so.

Physiotherapy and training

Staying healthy and in good shape is about more than just putting on a pair of trainers and pounding the pavements. And achieving goals requires paying attention to the finer details of your body’s requirements.

As specialists in sports physiotherapy we are equipped to help you get more from your body through a combination of therapies and training. By enabling you to train more frequently, push yourself harder and keep niggling injuries at bay, you will be amazed at what you are capable of.

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A leading physiotherapy clinic for patients in Hammersmith

Perhaps you have little time to factor your health into your schedule, or believe your concern is irreversible. With flexible opening hours, an at-home service for those in need and a genuine passion for helping our patients, we offer unrivalled levels of patient care.

We take the time to get to know our patients up-front at the clinic and focus on achieving results, not recommending courses of treatment for financial gain. For this reason we have built a reputation for offering genuine value for money and enjoy excellent patient retention.

 ‘90% of patients could get appointments at convenient times’

Our patients travel from throughout the West London area to benefit from our knowledge and expertise

Should you be travelling from Hammersmith, Belgravia or beyond, our conveniently located clinic is easy to access. Based near High Street Kensington station and connected by several bus routes, visiting us couldn’t be easier.

For patients with urgent need of attention, we can usually accommodate you within 24 hours.

Allow us to take off the strain, and contact us today.

We see all types of patients at West London Physiotherapy including:

Professional athletes, Office workers, Marathon runners, Performance artists, Manual workers, Retirees, Full-time parents

What does treatment involve?

Most physiotherapy treatment is fairly straightforward. The most important thing is to identify the cause of the problem. This can usually be done with a range clinical tests, and without the need for scans.

Treatment will usually consist of a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques (massage, manipulation, joint mobilisation) and specific exercise. We may also use dry needling/acupuncture, and electrotherapy.

How long are the treatment sessions?

An initial assessment and treatment is 1 hr. Any further sessions are usually 30 minutes. We will tell you how many session we think you’ll need, and don’t keep treating you if you’re not improving. 25% of our patients need only one session, while most need between 2-6 sessions. However we can be more specific after you’ve been assessed.


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Review by: Victoria Aboucaya


29th April 2024

Liam is amazing and so kind. He treated my pain amazingly well and with patience. I will definitely go back if I have pain again and can only recommend him to all. The staff at reception are exceptionally polite also and it's a very nice environment. Thank you everyone.

Review by: Jonathan Rees


18th April 2024

Review by: Katie


12th April 2024

So far my experience has been faultless. Attentive and considered treatment. The facilities are good, the staff are always friendly and helpful. Liam has been great and very professional. All highly recommended.

Review by: Nadine Banna


12th April 2024

Back pain, knee and shoulder pain, are just a few of the common conditions we treat…

Our reputation is built on good outcomes so that means we are results focussed, going to great lengths to ensure you are happy with our service.