Physio and the importance of effort

We have a false picture of how success happens. We see the results but rarely the work that goes into them. We read the book but don’t reflect on the hours the author spent mulling over a sentence. We see healthy relationships without considering the conscious effort applied to make them successful. We see career success but rarely wonder about the degree of delayed gratification and sacrifices made to get there. All success happens the same way: a gradual compounding of small steps that add up to a big outcome, action by action.

The same applies to health. Of course, there are various diseases that are attributable to bad luck, but beyond those, to be healthy is to choose to be. Our well-being is realised when we take small actions to improve our health each day. When we make decisions that will endure. It isn’t a temporary diet or health retreat, nor is it the fitness boot camp that is unsustainable in the long term.

No, our well-being comes from making incremental improvements over time, by acting with intent, and by making an effort. Do something each day that fortifies your well-being: take a walk outdoors, lift some weights, talk with friends, or read a book. We all have limited time; make sure some of it is spent improving yourself.

That’s how success happens: slowly, sustainably. It’s not romantic; it’s just work. Get working.


Keep moving,