Clinical Experience:

With over a decade of hands-on experience, Chris has developed a specific interest and expertise across a variety of areas including: Shoulder Instability, Traumatic Injuries (all joints), Lower Back Pain, Tendon Injuries.

Chris’s master’s degree in sports and exercise medicine and previous work in elite sport has given him a breadth of knowledge regarding the human body and a passion for helping patients recover to full function. In addition to his professional experiences, Chris has had personal experience of pain and rehab, having undergone major shoulder stabilisation surgery himself. This personal journey, which led to a complete recovery and successful rehabilitation, has cultivated a genuine passion for helping others recover. Whether it’s a minor sprain or a major injury, he remains committed to ensuring each patient returns to their optimal health and function.

A highly skilled hands-on clinician and manual therapist, Chris also designs treatment and rehab programs that fit to a patient’s lifestyle. He works closely with some of London’s leading surgeons and sports physicians, and is highly regarded by patients and colleagues.

When not in the clinic Chris enjoys swimming, long distance running and high intensity exercise classes, as long as there’s a good flat white at the end of it!

Educational Background:

University of Nottingham – BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

University of Nottingham – MSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Medicine

University of Nottingham – PG Cert Injection therapy

Society Of Musculoskeletal Medicine (SOMMs) Diploma Part A

Professional Sport Experience:

Head of Medical – Esher Rugby

Senior Physiotherapist – British Sailing

Senior Physiotherapist – Harlequin FC

Samoa National Rugby Team – Lead up to 2019 RWC


When not in the clinic you'll find Chris waterskiing on the south coast, bypassing the London traffic on his beautiful Triumph motorbike, or pounding the pavement while he trains for another marathon.

Have you suffered any injuries?

I have suffered my fair share of shoulder pain and instability that ultimately led to a major shoulder stabilisation surgery. It gave me a first person appreciation of just how challenging rehab can be, and how important it is to make it as easy as possible for patients.

What do you do for exercise?

I'm currently training for a marathon, so running is a major current focus. But throughout the year I try to mix things up a bit with high intensity exercise classes. All of which helps me enjoy waterskiing in the summer and skiing in the winter. I was formerly a high level swimmer, so maybe my next challenge is to take up Triathlons!?

What do you love about being a physio?

There is nothing I like better than spending time with patients, helping them understand their pain or injury, and giving them tools they can use to help them recover. It is incredibly rewarding to spend time helping people get them back doing what they love.

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