Functional Training

Founded on principles of rehabilitation and injury prevention, West London Physiotherapy are experts in Functional Training, a discipline which focuses on specific exercises that improve your physical performance in everyday life and help you move effortlessly. Our physiotherapist led clinic in Kensington was one of the first to introduce functional training as a way of improving performance and reducing injury.

What is Functional training?

Functional training aims to improve your functional fitness to ensure you are as agile, well balanced, strong and flexible as possible.

As we get older, particularly over 35, we become less agile. We lose strength, our balance starts to decline. Our joints start to stiffen. ….We begin to de-condition. Functional training changes this.

Functional training aims to optimise the movement of your whole body, making you stronger, more flexible, more agile, and better balanced. It makes you fitter and prevents injury. It also reduces stress.

The aim is to make you move effortlessly. The side effect is that you will look great.

Exercise over and above the normal demands of daily living is essential to both develop and maintain an efficient, strong, flexible and well balanced body.

Functional training is whole body training. One can’t strengthen the arms and shoulders by exercising the legs. To improve the condition of the whole body, we need to work the whole body in a balanced and holistic way. This is functional training.

There is no age restriction, and equally benefits someone who is 35 as it will someone who is 70.

Drastic changes are seen within weeks and simple routines can maintain those changes for years.

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