Kam has worked as a Physiotherapist in New Zealand, Australia and in the United Kingdom for more than 20 years in which time he has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience working with patients to aid recovery and alleviate pain. He is a hugely popular member of the West London Physio team since joining us over a decade ago.

Kam’s areas of speciality include back and neck pain, sports and running injuries, and long term injury associated with sedentary life styles. He also helps patients suffering TMJ (jaw) problems, along with those suffering BPPV (vertigo/dizziness)

He has a passion for human movement and biomechanics in both ergonomic, work and sports settings. He has extensive post graduate experience in this field and uses a combination of manual therapy, postural/movement correction, and specific exercise prescription to get to the root of the problem and devise a successful treatment. He also holds post graduate qualifications in dry needling, acupuncture, and spinal manipulation.

Kam also understands the importance and relevance of physical activity from the other side. In New Zealand he played rugby at an elite level and he holds two New Zealand National Rowing Titles. These days he enjoys weight training and running which compliments Physiotherapy in terms of exercise prescription, rehabilitation towards returning to sports and general post injury exercise programs.

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